Bookings for Autumn 2024 and Summer 2024-2025: 

The lodge is currently booked on the following nights outside the winter ski season but is available at all other times.

24-30 November 2024

21-27 December 2024

The Lodge is available for Autumn 2024 bookings for those members keen to experience some bracing airs before winter proper kicks in. It’s a refreshing time of the year for invigorating bush walks where you may see some of the first snowfalls on the ground.

Looking further ahead, summer 2024-2025 bookings are available at all times and we encourage all members to take advantage of the excellent accommodation rates for use of the lodge over summer. The summer rates are given on the 2024 booking form.  For example, you can Block Book the whole lodge for up to 14 people for a week for only $ 1,800. Individual rates also apply as noted on the booking form.

Members wishing to book for the summer of 2024-2025 may submit a 2024 booking form anytime. Once a Booking Form is submitted, confirmation of receipt will be provided by return email, generally within 24 hours of submitting your request.  If you do not receive email confirmation of receipt of your booking request please contact the Booking Officers as soon as possible.  Please make payment for any 2024 booking once your booking has been confirmed by return email from the Booking Officers.  For summer 2025 bookings we request that members do not pay at the time of their booking. During January 2025 we will send you a reminder to pay for your booking so there is no need to worry about forgetting to pay.

Notes for Summer Bookings:

* A 2024 Lampada Ski Club Booking Form must be provided with all booking requests

* Payment must be made within 2 days once your booking has been confirmed by the Booking Officers in order to secure your booking. Except when the booking is for the following year as noted above.

* Booking are taken on a first come first served basis: ie a booking form received and payment made.

* Note that linen is not provided for Summer Bookings. Members and guests must bring their own sheets, pillow cases and towels. Recently we have been able to organise a user pays linen service during summer.  It operates in a similar manner to the winter linen service.  Please discuss with the Booking Officer if you are interested.

* Cleaning is not provided during the summer season. Members must clean the lodge themselves, although if you check with the Booking Officers, the lodge cleaners may be able to be engaged by the member to clean the lodge after they leave for a fee of nominally $350 – payable by the member.

You can access the 2024 booking form here  2024 Lampada booking form Final V1